Delights on High is born of a desire to write for the glory of God. In thinking about a title or name for this space, I remembered a poem written by George Herbert, also known as “holy George Herbert,” whose poetry is quaint, inventive and different in many ways.

His poem “Heaven,” does not disappoint, and though many poets have used what is called “echo rhymes,” with different results, Herbert adds his own touch to the pattern and produced a verse with a high degree of personal tone and special poignancy.



O, who will show me those delights on high?

      ECHO: I.

Thou Echo, thou art mortal, all men know.

          ECHO: No.

Wert thou not born among the trees and leaves?

                  ECHO: Leaves.

And are there any leaves that still abide?

             ECHO: Bide.

What leaves are they? Impart the matter wholly.

               ECHO: Holy.

Are holy leaves the Echo, then, of bliss?

              ECHO: Yes.

Then tell me, what is that supreme delight?

                  ECHO: Light.

Light to the mind; what will the will enjoy?

                ECHO: Joy.

But are there cares and business with the pleasure?

                       ECHO: Leisure.

Light, joy, and leisure; but shall they persever?

                   ECHO: Ever.




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